Cathy Fairchild

Head Coach / Owner

GIM Head Coach and Gym Owner is Cathy Fairchild.
Cathy has owned the gym for more than 30 years.
She enjoys teaching all levels of girls and boys and seeing them advance in their new skills.
Not only does she encourage them to grow in gymnastics, but also as people.

Coach D'Anna_0618 Web

Girl’s Xcel TEAM Head Coach, Level 3 Head Coach, Cheernastics

Coach D’Anna “Coach D” is our head coach for GIM’s Girls Xcel Gymnastics Team, our highest level team, Silver – Diamond..
She has been competing at GIM since she was 8 years old.
She ended her gymnastics career bringing home 2nd place All Around in the Region 5 (5 states) Diamond Xcel gymnastics meet.
Her passion for gymnastics shows through in her coaching.


Tumbling Tots, Advanced Monday Classes

Coach Kelli teaches our Tumbling Tots and Advanced classes on Monday nights.
She has been a teacher at GIM for 28 years.
She is the mom of three girls herself and enjoys the teacher / student relationship she has with the kids.

Coach Stephanie_0618 Web

Girl’s TEAM Level 3 Assistant Coach

Coach Leah is one of GIM’s girl’s TEAM Level 3 Assistant Coaches.
She currently competes on Champion Force Competitive Team.
Her bubbly personality motivates the girls to work hard and stay optimistic.
She attends TK Schools.

Coach Olivia_0618 Web

Girl’s TEAM Level 2 Assistant Coach

Coach Olivia is one of GIM’s girl’s TEAM Level 2 Assistant Coaches.
She began gymnastics just 5 years ago and is already on our highest level team, Xcel Diamond.
Her advanced skills enable her to show the girls what they need to be doing, instead of just telling.

Coach Alexis_0618 Web

Tumbling Tots, Beginner and Advanced Beginner Classes and Cheernastics

Coach Alexis teaches a wide variety of our classes from our Tumbling Tots all the way up to our Advanced gymnastics classes.
Coming from cheerleading background, her specialty is our Cheernastics classes.
She has found the relationship between the two and applies the skills from cheerleading to help advance our gymnasts skills.
She is currently on Champion Force’s top level cheer team.


Tumbling Tots, Beginner, Advanced Beginner and Advanced Classes

Coach Leah teaches a range of gymnastics classes, beginning with the Tumbling Tots all the way through our Advanced gymnastics classes.
Leah is a cheerleader with very strong tumbling background.
Her dedication shows through in her coaching.

Coach Maddy_0618 Web

Girl’s Silver Xcel TEAM Coach

Coach Maddy is GIM’s Silver Xcel Girls Competitive Gymnastics Team coach.
She also competed for GIM’s competitive gymnastics teams for several years.
Being too old to compete, she decided coaching would be the best way to get back into gymnastics.
Her positive personality has created an encouraging atmosphere for her gymnastics girls to grow.

Coach Megan_0618 Web

Girl’s TEAM Level 2 Head Coach

Coach Megan is our head coach for GIM’s Level 2 girls Gymnastics Team.
She enjoys taking what she has learned from her coaches and applying it to her team,
Her skills and knowledge in competition helps her team to be successful at gymnastic meets.
She also competes on our XCEL Platinum girls team and currently attends TK schools.


Ninja’s In Motion

Coach D’Anna leads our Ninja’s In Motion classes.
She is always creating new, challenging and fun courses for our Ninja’s In Motion kids.
She pushes our Ninja’s to reach new feats in their skills development and to beat their personal best records.

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Gymnastics In Motion Inc. (commonly referred to as GIM), provides quality gymnastics and fitness instruction in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

GIM's Director has over 30 years of experience teaching children gymnastics, and is safety certified.

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