About Us

Welcome to GIM Athletics!

Located in Middleville, Michigan, GIM Athletics is a safety certified athletic facility offering a safe, competitive, and positive learning environment for gymnastics, fitness, and sports instruction.

For more than 30 years, GIM Athletics has been offering everything from fitness instruction to homeschool programs, from Tumbling Tots to Ninja's in Motion, and college night to competitive cheerleading. We believe that GIM Athletics has something to offer everyone – whether in a recreational, fitness or competitive setting.

Safety is stressed in all phases of your child's development. Your child is taught how and why. Students are taught to think about what they are doing and the resulting effects at each step of their development.  This type of training, in addition to repetitions, lead to more rapid skill acquisition and a better understanding of sports and its demands.

REGISTRATION IS ALWAYS OPEN:  You can sign up anytime.  Prices are pro-rated!

GIM Athletics