Meet The Coaches

At GIM Athletics, you'll find a group of highly talented and dedicated professionals ready to help your athlete shine!  GIM Athletic coaches are selected based on their previous athletic and competitive backgrounds, their ability to positively coach and communicate with all athletes, and their professional ethic towards hard work and dedication. As a safety certified facility, we are proud to offer a safe, competitive, and positive learning environment for gymnastics, fitness, and sports instruction.



Shawna Hill

Owner/Head Coach

Shawna is the daughter of previous owner Cathy Fairchild. She was in gymnastics at the age of 2 until 14 and has coached from age of 12. She enjoys teaching all levels of girls and seeing them advance in their new skills. Encouraging kids to be their true self and to reach for their full ability, is her passion. Along with making them smile and laugh!


Abbie Siska

Office Manager

Abbie is our office manager. She loves to be as helpful as possible with our customers questions. She also helps teach classes such as our beginner and tumbling tots classes.  We are so excited to have as part of our team.



Xcel Silver and Xcel Bronze

Coach Addy teaches our Xcel Silver and our Xcel Bronze Team. She has done gymnastics many years and is excited to teach the skills she has learned to our next generation of kids. She competed at Xcel  which gives her a great background in gymnastics. She is excited to be coaching these girls to their full potential. Her dedication shows through in her coaching.



Fun Team Coach
Class Coach

Coach Rylyn teaches our Fun gymnastics Team. She also teaches our a range of gymnastics classes. Rylyn was a gymnast who made it to Xcel Silver. Her dedication shows through in her coaching.