Girls Xcel Team Policies

TEAM Policy

*Due to the length of TEAM classes, each class will receive a break during the class. During the break, we encourage all TEAM members to bring a snack.  In addition, TEAM member’s are always encouraged to bring their own water bottle or drinks for hydration during practice. TEAM member’s are responsible for their own items they bring into the gym, this includes bringing their water bottle home at the end of each practice!  GIM Athletics cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items (but if you do know you left something – we encourage you to call us at the gym and we will be glad to set your item aside behind our counter for pick-up during your next class session).

Payment Policies:
Team payment is always due the first week of the month.  After the 7th day of each month, if payment has not been made, there will be a $20 late fee.

Meet Policies:
The schedule of competitive meets your child will be going to for the competition year, will be given to you as soon as I have the information, usually in November. This allows you to schedule for these meets. The meet schedule will have the meet date, the amount the meet will cost, and the date the money for the meet will be due. On occasion there will be a “To be announced” on the meet schedule for a meet in which we do not have detailed information to offer at the time. We will post the information as soon as we receive it. The money for the meet is due on or before the due date. You may elect to pay earlier if you want. If the money for the meet is not paid by the due date, there is s $20 late fee added to the payment. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Holiday Policies:
Payment for your team child is based on a 4-week month (8 days). There are many months throughout the year that you will get an extra day, sometimes two. This is why if a holiday (Halloween, Independence Day, Memorial/Labor Day etc) falls on your child’s team day, we do not make this day up. Christmas week the gym is closed. We do schedule make up days we miss on Christmas break. Watch the website, email, and bulletin boards for this information.

Vacation Policies:
Most people take a vacation sometime during the year. In July, your team payment will reflect payment for only 3 weeks (1 week free). This does not mean you must take your vacation in July, only that is when our payment will reflect a free week to help compensate you for your missed vacation time. For all other months, payment will be the same (full payment) even if your child misses time.

There are no make-up practices for team children due to absence. We have had problems in the past with kids wanting to do something else, visit a friend, go shopping, or maybe they just do not want to come in. I have coaches here for your child whether they show up or not, and to do a make-up on another day when I may not have enough coaches scheduled to work, presents a problem.  They may come in during open gym hours and work on their own without a coach.

Snow Days:
GIM will rarely cancel classes due to weather. We find that Middleville streets are generally cleared by practice times. Please use your own judgment when driving from your area. Should we have extreme weather, such as blizzard conditions please tune to WoodTV 8 for GIM closing information. We will also update our website and voicemail message at the gym by 2:00 PM that day. GIM does not close for extreme cold, so please heat up your car, and we will warm up your child with some exercise.

Should your child experience an injury at GIM or at home that would restrict them from complete participation in normal practice lessons; GIM requires a doctor certified injury/illness report. GIM has a specialized workout routine for those with injuries. Your child will be expected to attend as if no injury was present. Maintaining the team structure, strength, and element/skill education during an injury is very important. No credits or refunds will be given due to injury.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or call at 269-795-7620 or speak with a staff member at any time.